Dutch consumers are ready for Zwipe

A research study conducted by Motivaction, surveying over 1000 Dutch participants shows that most Dutch consumers want safer contactless payment methods. Close to 50% say they want their bank to offer them a payment card with fingerprint recognition as quickly possible. The reason for this is that security is a major concern with 42% of the consumers believing that contactless is not secure enough.

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61%Fear contactless fraud

The study shows that 61% of people are afraid of contactless pickpocketing. Even if it concerns relatively small amounts such as the contactless limit of €25.

63%Believe that contactless
is easy

A significant portion of the diverse respondents have experience with contactless and believe it is a very convenient way to pay.

32%Would pay more
if they could pay via fingerprint

If a bank card would have fingerprint recognition, consumers would pay more contactlessly.

50%Believe biometrics are
the future for banks

Half of the respondents believe that biometric technology such as fingerprint enabled payment will be part of the banks future offerings.

45%Favor fingerprint recognition

Close to half of the respondents say that fingerprint recognition on their bank card is an improvement in contactless payments.

49%Want their bank to offer fingerprint enabled
payment cards as quickly as possible

Almost half of the respondents want their bank to offer a payment alternative as quickly as possible with fingerprint recognition on their bank card.

26%Think ING will be the first

Over 1 in 4 think that ING will be the first bank to introduce payment cards with fingerprint recognition in the Netherlands.

13%Would switch to
another bank

Just over 1 in 10 say they would switch banks if their current bank does not offer payment with fingerprint recognition on their bank card.